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- we are looking to make a web based corp shop. this shop will be able to be accessed by our blues. re ...2011.05.19 00:50:00
- is there anyway to compress ore from the ore hanger instead of dragging it to the cargo hold? i have ...2009.12.08 22:00:00
- Edited by: Alieuna on 23/09/2009 17:33:57 We are recruiting new and old players. We have no skill p ...2009.09.23 17:21:00
- greetings, i am a highly skilled industry pilot with 25 mil sp in industry. i own and fly a fully f ...2009.07.26 15:25:00
- daily bump...still looking ...2009.05.13 19:57:00
- Edited by: Alieuna on 13/05/2009 19:56:19 rorqual and freighter pilot---owner of both able to rese ...2009.05.12 20:44:00
- contact me in game.... i have over 1 billion ready now with more waiting to be moved ...2008.11.15 15:42:00
- 200mil ...2008.11.15 06:18:00
- please contact me in game to talk about this. i would like to pick up a few many shares ...2008.11.09 17:45:00
- i checked it out......downloaded it and then emailed the guy for a "license". he then sent me a emai ...2008.10.29 19:19:00
- here is a question i am trying to help a friend figure out. he has 4 alts in there own corp with a p ...2008.10.12 18:51:00
- i can supply you with cystaline carbonate for cheap. ...2008.09.30 17:01:00
- daily bump....still looking for pilots both new and old. come enjoy the good times make the most of ...2008.09.29 16:30:00
- WHAT WE ARE we are a medium size corp that is looking to add a few more good members. We are spread ...2008.09.28 12:09:00
- Aegis Evolution is a medium size corp looking for a couple of players like yourself. We offer dailya ...2008.09.28 11:56:00

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