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- - An unscannable Tengu is capable of having a MWD, a cloak, 750+ DPS out to 110km, good to great d ...2011.06.03 17:03:00
- Edited by: Jayaka on 07/10/2010 01:57:26 Contents cut, and pasted to ...2010.10.07 01:28:00
- Edited by: Jayaka on 02/09/2010 15:02:03 I have a suggestion:Make a new dialog, because it's a litt ...2010.09.02 15:02:00
- Neeeeeeever mind. Stacking penalty with heatsinks, oops. ...2010.08.23 00:29:00
- I am not getting correct numbers on Large Energy Weapon Rigs. Large Energy Collision Accelerator I i ...2010.08.23 00:01:00
- This worked fine for me, and I even have Compositing still enabled (and fancy desktop effects and al ...2010.07.09 14:16:00
- It was working and accepting connections up to roughly 10 minutes ago, when it went down for a reboo ...2010.05.27 17:38:00
- lists Character ID as "int". However, I'm already seeing some IDs that are getting c ...2009.03.25 16:09:00

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