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- Either one filled with mineral oil for cooling Also I want an optical computer which will be a fut ...2011.06.08 04:01:00
- The ability to destroy and rebuild null-sec stargates. ...2011.04.20 14:09:00
- I recall seeing the future of eve clip from fanfest and I was pondering how combat in stations would ...2011.04.18 15:49:00
- Adding restrictions is not the way to go. You need to add something positive instead of number-crunc ...2011.02.22 23:36:00
- Not that I am biased or anything but the idea that data interfaces can be re-used does not make the ...2011.01.23 15:41:00
- Jump bridges should really only go from system to system instead of leap-frogging them. That way you ...2011.01.18 05:26:00
- and are restricted to one type of damage Except integrated & augmentated drones that is. ...2010.12.21 01:40:00
- Not really supported especially in bpo form . Anyway T2 salvage is around for people that know where ...2010.12.15 01:01:00
- Pity the poor guy who had enough tech 2 salvage to build tech 2 rigs and then they were changed to d ...2010.11.30 15:50:00
- Also I don't think theres a way for alliances to destroy enemy jump clones in a station that they ow ...2010.11.30 14:11:00
- Edited by: Terranid Meester on 30/11/2010 01:28:25 Terrible idea. Alliances can defend multiple reg ...2010.11.30 01:27:00
- Sure, why not? ...2010.11.30 01:24:00
- Might be possible to speed tank it? ...2010.11.27 21:02:00
- The incursus already has a spear. Is this yet another feature on hold from beta?melee weapons in EVE ...2010.11.27 20:56:00
- Edited by: Terranid Meester on 22/11/2010 16:43:17 If we don‘t react to the wishes of the market we ...2010.11.22 16:41:00

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