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- Edited by: sableye on 06/06/2011 05:45:39 I can only talk about past tense as it was over a year ag ...2011.06.06 05:43:00
- I can only talk about past tense as it was over a year ago but I got mails from old structures in sp ...2011.06.06 05:38:00
- it was obvious they'd add this feature because it does not run on everyones computer at all or well ...2011.06.06 05:35:00
- I like mining the way it is, I don't mine often but when I do its a social experience. ...2011.06.06 05:33:00
- Edited by: sableye on 06/06/2011 05:31:09 it was a few months back, it was not announced as it was ...2011.06.06 05:31:00
- it in caldari space its now a tourist attraction. ...2011.05.24 03:35:00
- my level 3 agents get 142.10 and level 4's 185.60 with level 4 skill ...2011.05.19 18:09:00
- a quafe tattoo for my face. ...2011.05.06 00:16:00
- So, if I were a lowly corporate grunt with no roles, I could in theory switch back and forth durin ...2011.05.04 21:47:00
- the log if thats what you meanwhere you get the key if thats what you mean ...2011.05.04 21:45:00
- take a snap shot of members averge standings and see who messed it up next time. ...2011.05.04 21:42:00
- I invested everything I had into a bank ...2011.04.27 22:16:00
- if they add that they need to add tomato saunce (yes tomatoes were brough to the eve cluster from ea ...2011.04.26 03:27:00
- I actually played it at fa fest once, it seems to have been totally reworked and now we just get a s ...2011.04.26 03:24:00
- I heard they got an incursion in there closed off space and were to lazy to defeat it. ...2011.04.26 03:22:00

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