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- NO. That's like faillaserdrake or missileapoc. Seriously CCP, why would you even consider it? ...2011.06.27 05:49:00
- Reporting in that I also have this issue. What is the deal it makes me want to rip off my own head i ...2011.06.05 16:40:00
- A few of my friends and I play. We are in the Cape Canaveral Area of Brevard County. 321 FTW! Anyway ...2010.12.10 20:27:00
- Shuuuutt up ;) I might do it. =P Now how to figure out how to make a spreadsheet. lolll ...2010.12.04 11:26:00
- True true, it seems to me with the amount of BPC's on the market it would be beneficial for someone ...2010.12.04 10:37:00
- I have a very good spreadsheet for blueprint originals but it doesn't have a section for how much yo ...2010.12.04 00:22:00
- Hey there saw you in other chan ...2010.12.03 02:28:00
- Hey there, in the "make" section I have some questions about a few columns that do nothing. Maybe I ...2010.11.30 07:06:00
- Hey there, I'm going to be putting up a POS soon but I don't have the standings required. I was wond ...2010.11.29 21:25:00
- Hello A Bombs, I am interested in your character and was wondering if you could provide me with a l ...2010.09.10 05:12:00
- Many thanks for API. =D Contact me in game IGN: Pound Cakeee 00Trimman00 ...2010.09.10 05:05:00
- Hello Squall,I am interested in purchasing your account. If you could I wouldn't mind having your Li ...2010.09.10 04:17:00
- o/ Merritt Island/ Cocoa Beach Area Here. ...2010.07.09 09:52:00
- No Im not using the STEAM version. And Tetkica2 you have the same problem as me. I never looked at t ...2010.05.20 19:04:00
- I've had a problem with the planet textures not rendering for a while, can anyone help me out with t ...2010.05.20 17:26:00

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