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- As said in local channels:Best of luck, I hope your choices are the right ones for you Caius.~Yskari ...2011.07.18 20:27:00
- May your wings take you ever higher Claire,Thank you for everything.~Yskari Blue Cell. ...2011.07.18 20:25:00
- Fight: For Freedom Fight: For All you are worth Fight: For the Fraction.Star Fraction, recruitment ...2011.06.27 22:37:00
- Star Fraction is still open for Recruitment. Looking for anyone able and willing, anarchists, free ...2011.06.26 23:32:00
- @ Una,Something we did that upset many people and caused quite an uproar in the ranks of said people ...2011.06.12 22:41:00
- SF: 8years. Of which I'm now some 10 months part of Star Fraction.How much of the coming 8 years do ...2011.06.04 11:13:00
- Freedom:Carried by wings. One of metal and technology, the physical freedom to move when and where I ...2011.05.31 23:15:00
- Star Fraction's free captains: currently laughing in the face of danger. With the current involvemen ...2011.05.22 19:14:00
- *The neocom flashes and opens a new window*:Incoming Message:From: Nick Lotton To: Yskari:Original ...2011.05.18 11:58:00
- Star Fraction,The flush of fresh water that removes the dungheaps in the toilet.Recruitment is open. ...2011.05.15 18:41:00
- *applauds for Jade Constantine*You are well versed with a brush it seems.-Now for it.-Star Fraction: ...2011.05.14 11:09:00
- Star Fraction: Industrialists, if shooting regressive pigdogs from the sky counts as business!Then b ...2011.05.13 15:16:00
- Haha, I feel honoured that I'm the subject of peoples' dreams. And I'm fairly sure it means the foll ...2011.05.11 11:33:00
- Star Fraction: Tossing the stone that sends ripples along the once-calm waters that is the regressiv ...2011.05.09 21:39:00
- Not Red Don't Shoot.But with the (assumably) longest list of reds in EvE we still have unthinkable a ...2011.05.08 11:47:00

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