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- Dear CCP,As a long time (2004) player and former member of the Camarilla my advice about the NEX:Sto ...2011.06.26 12:02:00
- <cry> it's everything i imagined eve could be... ...2008.06.06 17:08:00
- Edited by: Dathas on 06/12/2007 13:55:39 I did it before 8 am gmt at work, and was forced to reboot ...2007.12.06 13:54:00
- 5 point to anyone who owns a Runcible Spoon ...2007.11.28 00:05:00
- Our CEO Loves to dress in frilly things ...2007.06.28 18:08:00
- Love my corp even if the snack machine on the third floor is broken... AGAIN ...2007.06.02 00:44:00
- Well Devs? I know you guys have done a lot in Direct X, but with the scariness that is DX10 under V ...2007.03.21 01:48:00
- Firstly, jump in from as far out as possible. carac needs some swingin room to be effective. Secondl ...2006.01.20 00:00:00
- How active are you guys 13:15-22:15 EST weekdays? Lookin for a new corp and that's when I play so... ...2005.12.07 21:12:00
- What times (EST)do you usually run ops I work a tech support job from 1:15-10:15pm most days of teh ...2005.11.17 03:17:00
- I didn't see this listed so if it is, I aplogize.Angels, specifically ambushers are getting UNBELIEV ...2004.05.05 16:34:00

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