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- Drka drka, drka drka drka drka... Drka drka, cameltoe, drka drka falafel drka drka cameltoe - Drka d ...2011.07.16 22:29:00
- drka drka ...2008.11.18 02:04:00
- Pleasse do not post spam. Navigator ...2008.11.18 01:59:00
- only in the eve community you can have people being arse-hats when someone is down.Anyhoos, all the ...2008.07.28 00:20:00
- Came back to this thread expecting that you'd possibly edited out your statement after realising wha ...2008.07.27 03:28:00
- Edited by: Jeehad Joe on 26/07/2008 06:39:23 Least I have the nads to post with my main. And the n ...2008.07.26 06:34:00
- Pyramid quoting is prohibited.ApplebabeOops, posted with the alt there But meh, You knew who it wa ...2008.07.26 06:03:00
- So, Aneu can now attention ***** afk? Awesome.Gee, and some people wondered why I hated Razor so muc ...2008.07.25 22:37:00
- drka drka drka!drka drka, drka drka cameltoe drka drka..... drka cameltoe cameltoe drka drka camelto ...2008.06.18 23:45:00

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