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- Edited by: Gromik on 28/07/2011 19:19:50 I'll just chime in to say that Eve Universe does a good jo ...2011.07.28 19:18:00
- Any 1 using covert jump portal is doing it wrong. What? So you're going to be jumping 5+ BOs throu ...2011.07.28 19:14:00
- yup. honestly the rokh isa sniper pwnmobile everyone knows that or it can be a blaster boat but eh ...2009.07.16 21:37:00
- One day you might tire of utterly twisting every single thing said to suit your fantasies dear. W ...2009.06.16 21:43:00
- That EFT stuff looks really nice on the Raven and Rokh. lolNow apply it to what you need in-game: ...2009.05.21 16:16:00
- I know who you are. 1) Carriers warping in 3 seconds. 2) Module lag on jump-in (worse in 0.0?) 3 ...2009.05.14 19:58:00
- Edited by: Kale Kold on 14/05/2009 19:06:25 A real pirate would understand that if safe travel is n ...2009.05.14 19:29:00
- Megathron: - 922 dps with one LRAR, 790 dps with two LRAR. - 91.7k ehp. - Short on cpu. - Must ...2009.05.05 22:08:00
- Hopefully CCP will start buffing useless ships instead of looking for the next FOTM nerf.Yeah, it's ...2009.05.01 21:24:00
- Personally id say blasters should do the most dmg out to 15km.When you consider that the TOTAL ava ...2009.04.30 22:23:00
- I understand totally but you are limiting the data and you need look at things in a broader view t ...2009.04.30 21:56:00
- You neglect the "role" of the weapon platforms. Pulses are supposed to be something of "good dama ...2009.04.30 21:49:00
- Otherwise... well, it's my time I'm wasting, and if I were wrong, it'd be easily provable, right? : ...2009.04.30 21:40:00
- ...they deal far too much damage at everyone else's supposed "best" range.Sorry, but that's just h ...2009.04.30 21:23:00
- I'd say it's a big problem for the Geddon to be preferable from 9.5km (against an unwebbed target ...2009.04.30 21:12:00

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