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- Confirmed. Also, when you look at my KB, which is horrible you'll see that i have never left highse ...2011.08.11 23:50:00
- With decent skills you can get Web+scram, AB, and single small rep running stable. Add a second rep ...2011.08.10 17:39:00
- Edited by: Lee Janssen on 30/07/2011 01:10:15 Silly troll, everyone knows Privateers (current and e ...2011.07.30 01:08:00
- I know a Lee Janssen, he lives with me, eats crisps, drinks tea and doesn't afraid of anything. He's ...2011.07.29 16:04:00
- OVAHKILLLLLLL! *Kill board link removed. Zymurgist There's no kill like overkill! ...2011.07.29 12:30:00
- What is this i don't even. ...2011.07.29 02:31:00
- Nice char, friendly bump, owner's a fgt tho. I SUPPORT THIS PRODUCT AND OR SERVICE! ...2011.07.22 20:05:00
- Confirming i am my own corp's worst enemy Confirming this. ...2011.07.05 21:10:00
- Trololololol-lololol-lololol-lolololol-lololol-lolololololooooool ...2011.06.19 21:50:00
- CCP Claw- Poppin Frekkies since 2010CCP Claw- "Oh **** what do with wreck?"Get some ninja salvager's ...2011.06.11 20:06:00
- On a side note, OP seems like a 9 year old boy. ...2011.05.24 05:17:00
- From the looks of it, people miss me in my rag.I'm guessing i should download SISI again then =) ...2011.05.19 09:55:00
- I've found the Paladin show quite entertaining. I have a nice cup of coffee and watch the festiviti ...2011.04.20 05:27:00
- Aaand... How does this make you feel? ...Better yet, tell me about your mother? ...2011.04.18 09:07:00
- Lately everytime i use the server to actually test a setup i go to the cruiser and below beacon to f ...2011.04.05 20:10:00

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