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- Last bump... ...2011.09.02 14:41:00
- Canadians eh? That might work. I've contacted one of your directors but he has not gotten back to me ...2011.09.01 19:10:00
- A few really interesting offers already. Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I will leave t ...2011.09.01 13:23:00
- Hello all, Have Thanatos, will travel. I have two accounts (31m and 16m sp) and I am looking for ...2011.09.01 04:30:00
- Fantastic read. Thank you. ...2011.07.21 04:39:00
- Looking to replace a single 'Augmented' Wasp ... Can provide elite drone AI in a trade contract... ...2010.08.24 01:50:00
- Totally agree... theres hardwiring for everything else! thats just racial discrimntation against Gel ...2010.04.06 23:13:00
- Wow something everyone is agreeing on... ...2010.03.04 07:52:00
- Yes! Anyone who disagrees should read the fine print in their car insurance policy. It's like using ...2010.03.04 07:15:00
- Yes! OMG, I was thinking the exact same thing a few hours ago. Alligning to fleet members would be n ...2010.03.04 05:51:00
- Just make war-decs more expensive. That will filter those corps that have legit reasons from pansy p ...2010.02.24 09:05:00

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