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- StuffGun damage > missile damage > drone damageMissiles have lag, so slightly worse than gun damage. ...2008.05.07 23:07:00
- You get my 2 votes because you wrote so much. :P ...2008.05.06 12:50:00
- Ibis ...2008.04.16 12:20:00
- Edited by: Larno on 25/03/2008 19:31:29 I have/had an XFX 7900 GT. I have had it for about 20 month ...2008.03.25 19:31:00
- Was good timing as I was too lazy to get up before DT to change skills. Would have lost an hour or s ...2008.03.15 20:39:00
- Signed, also a software engineer so I feel your pain. ...2008.03.13 20:42:00
- Let's keep this thread bumped until someone from CCP replies! ...2008.02.28 17:56:00
- How many ships get insured and not blown up? Lots. Ergo insurance removes isk from the economy.Shi ...2008.02.26 17:49:00
- As CCP has said, this is a PvP game. NPCs give you something to do when corp mates aren't on, or yo ...2008.02.25 13:10:00
- 1280x1024 is disproportionate, 1152x864 is actually a proper 4:3 resolution.There is no disproportio ...2008.02.21 12:18:00
- I for one actually felt quite comforted by the fact theytook the time to call. I'd be somewhat p**** ...2008.02.21 12:14:00
- We've also wanted for some time to make the settings exportable and thats some of the things we'll b ...2008.02.09 21:29:00
- In short, you're not getting the money quite simply because you opened your mouth to gloat about win ...2008.02.07 09:40:00
- Can anyone give me an example where there was something like this (i.e. too good to be true) and was ...2008.02.06 01:09:00
- Just thought I'd list the current high bids here so they are easier to see:1. 7.0 2. 5.5 3. 2.1 4 ...2008.02.01 19:54:00

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