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- Bump for one of the best corps to fight against.If I didn't love my corp, I'd join yours. ...2011.08.19 22:55:00
- X ...2011.06.22 17:11:00
- To undock. To fly my ships. And especially to jump gates. I've lost countless ships in nullsec. I kn ...2011.06.21 18:51:00
- Nice bomb-run - The FC must have learned something I hopeMaybe someone will start taking you serious ...2011.04.07 01:14:00
- ITT: MH member complains about blobbing and quits ITT (part 2): Guy who's quit continues to post I ...2011.04.06 22:30:00
- Great thread idea! That being said I have a few and CBA to read the entire thing so forgive me if th ...2011.04.06 17:04:00
- DO IT! ...2011.04.06 00:29:00
- Atlas TearsI could write a thesis on why you are ******ed but CBA.Goons are annoying but not out to ...2011.04.06 00:26:00
- MARU KAGEI support this product. ...2011.03.27 01:26:00
- Dramiel is the ONLY frig I have in station right now, and it's been that way for a while. SUPPORTED ...2011.03.17 21:39:00
- DICE HAS LEFT IT!!!Destructive Influence surrenders to Test Alliance Please Ignore From: CONCORD ...2011.02.06 01:05:00
- AWESOMECCP Disregard the negativity in this thread, great job on the new and very much needed improv ...2010.10.22 01:06:00
- Uh Oh, Maru Ka'ge just dropped their first SBU on CAOD! I predict within 30 days 90% of all threads ...2010.09.20 03:43:00
- Goons scamming? :shocked: ...2010.08.24 00:53:00
- sent ...2010.08.13 05:00:00

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