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- somehow this thread represents a disturbing mindset to reimburstment = no value and reimburst ...2011.08.25 09:37:00
- someone afk cannot do anything to you, someone not afk is not what your post is targeted atwhats yo ...2011.08.15 22:15:00
- moaaaaaaaaaaar ...2011.08.15 17:57:00
- the idea has been come up with a few times, the problem is the trust towards the people running it. ...2011.08.08 15:07:00
- If the NeX items would only cost isk, then it would be fine. (They would have to be destructable o ...2011.08.07 14:39:00
- im suprised you claim GM is allowing it now, no offense meant, but what you do is an unfair advant ...2011.08.02 14:51:00
- i think OP is trying to promote his rather unknown site here. ...2011.08.01 09:14:00
- its quite annoying that this does not contain really pressing issues, for example the imbalance bet ...2011.07.31 23:14:00
- Eve Radio is broadcasting it live starting at 10am Pacific time, both in audio and streaming video f ...2011.07.31 20:24:00
- its kinda hard to follow the rules at all:- you need to have it published on youtube to submit a vid ...2011.07.31 20:16:00
- Game Designer Software Engineeryeah, when you put it in that order and leave out the part where t ...2011.07.31 08:13:00
- Hello, it seems that CCP is giving out formerly undisclosed information about eve aswell as other in ...2011.07.31 06:23:00
- Why do you care about the number of users?maybe people running a side want to know if its used, an ...2011.07.28 11:31:00
- So far, what do you think? that i can still use my own alt to collect the bounty. ...2011.06.30 08:43:00
- Buy PLEX, leave it in your hanger and dont biomass, hording plex CCP does not like, and is one of th ...2011.06.28 23:30:00

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