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- you all have OCD and need to lighten up.For me, I end up with stuff in my hanger that does not belon ...2009.03.17 18:10:00
- So why isn't Eve multi-threaded yet? I know it takes lots of man hours to do it, but wouldn't it hel ...2009.02.22 04:01:00
- Actually, the sound was explained in a chronicle. I don't remember the name, but long story short, t ...2009.02.15 06:12:00
- Edited by: DubanFP on 24/01/2009 03:10:15In the case of a sub, then you are paying for access to the ...2009.01.24 07:04:00
- Keeping account information, I'm told, doesn't really have any huge impact on performance. But that' ...2008.10.18 21:09:00
- Edited by: El''essar Viocragh on 16/10/2008 22:31:16 It is nothing short of cruel to publish all th ...2008.10.17 22:34:00
- Without spoiling too much of the novel, Jamyl comes back and kicks the ass of the Elder fleet with ...2008.10.14 21:49:00
- There should be options to share this with ((3) your buddies listed in "people and places" list.NO!! ...2008.10.14 05:48:00
- The difference with SETI is that it's a non-time sensitive application. You get the data, process it ...2008.09.26 17:33:00
- EVE Technology Lab has to stay, it's spawned EVEMON, Outpost Alert!, Loads of information sites, g ...2008.08.25 05:59:00
- The squad commander however gets only their own bonuses, a wing commander only their own, a fleet co ...2008.07.13 04:59:00
- The only way i would see the need for an EvE II, is if CCP discovered a crucial flaw in the main cod ...2008.06.08 20:19:00
- Edited by: Iss Mneur on 26/05/2008 05:17:33 /signedShould apply to all cans. ...2008.05.26 05:15:00
- Edited by: Iss Mneur on 26/05/2008 05:07:04 /signed CCP if you want to raise the prices say so clea ...2008.05.26 05:06:00
- You have put a lot of thought into this Nova Fox and it is a fantastic idea....these Tenders should ...2008.05.18 06:15:00

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