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- /is sleepy... so dunno if I make sense or read you any chance the site is a tad off the r ...2007.10.01 06:27:00
- If it's an exploit to use newb ships to distract the defenses of a POS, why would it not be an explo ...2007.10.01 06:25:00
- Why would it be an exploit to use newb ships to distract POS defences ?Cause is Free =Pgo shuttle or ...2007.10.01 06:24:00
- Edited by: Petrothian Tong on 30/09/2007 08:16:57 I like.... hell, I am all for all ships doing sp ...2007.09.30 08:16:00
- Edited by: Petrothian Tong on 30/09/2007 08:06:08 for the 299929929282 time:-Blocking IPs: ever hea ...2007.09.30 08:05:00
- why do I think of the Ghost in the Shell series when I saw that paragraph? but yeah, I cant fantom ...2007.09.30 07:50:00
- it is not a bug you need drone optimal range on a high seems to be the case that you need atl ...2007.09.30 07:40:00
- Turn undead!damn it!!! I am only a lvl 5 Cleric!!!cant beat the undead! ...2007.09.30 07:38:00
- you know khanid region, most lvl 4 agents (in fact all but 1) are in low sec. Eve would be a diffe ...2007.09.30 07:36:00
- wait for the T2 BS that comes out this November. ...2007.09.30 07:02:00
- you need to be in a covert ops with triangulation, pinpointing and signal acquistion at lvl 4 atleas ...2007.09.30 06:40:00
- if you must use T1..put in as many med shield extender as you can..on an iteron V you can get to abo ...2007.09.29 23:54:00
- add in help channel, never had that problem again on my other account when I go inactive lol ...2007.09.29 23:50:00
- we love you anyways!!!! ...2007.09.29 23:48:00
- argh I am getting tired of this kind of thread popping up every week!!!...guys..READ WHAT CCP SAID ( ...2007.09.25 18:38:00

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