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- Edited by: Mike Yagon on 16/05/2009 10:17:06 Posting in an IAC thread. Loved my time there. :)*ed ...2009.05.16 10:16:00
- it's amazing what deleting some of your **** can do. No I use a different dri--- I see what you did ...2009.05.16 09:53:00
- Just because the patch works for you doesn't mean it works for everyone. I've had troubles getting i ...2009.05.16 09:45:00
- I'd go with fighters 5. You could do logistics 5 unless you already have that one.Drone Interfacing ...2007.06.20 10:59:00
- What makes a good pilot a good pilot is the player behind the screen controlling the character. Play ...2007.06.20 10:55:00
- Does your program take into account skills you gain from character creation? I have discovered some ...2007.06.20 10:51:00
- Hehehe, Maelstrom can be quite the funny ship like that. If you have someone else do the damage you ...2007.06.13 08:06:00
- Edited by: Mike Yagon on 13/06/2007 07:53:42 Actually, you will find that the same applies for guns ...2007.06.13 07:54:00
- i fail to see how one can abuse progressing as they make the effort to learn... The "People fitting ...2007.06.13 07:49:00
- get a warp core stab in the event of a fight they will be 2 to busy going wtf allowing you to ge ...2007.06.12 10:51:00
- Also..<Oneiromancer> I h4x for the greater good. <Evelgrivion> Oniero is win :p <Oneiromancer> And ...2007.05.30 21:05:00
- I suggest avoiding overspecializing. Seriously, why does everyone insist on equipping their Megathro ...2007.05.25 13:28:00
- I chose Minmatar because my friend flew around in Minmatar space. Plus the rifter looked just plain ...2007.05.17 12:33:00
- If amarr are going to lead the way i shall be a bit annoyed as i trained caldari frig 5 to get a man ...2007.05.17 12:01:00

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