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- Needs a spoiler. ...2011.08.23 04:31:00
- Move to 0.0 ...2011.08.22 23:27:00
- I bought a pair of boots. Then I got an audience. Then I jettisoned them. And I bombed the can. ...2011.08.07 05:09:00
- I've been playing this game for quite some time- since 2004 as a matter of fact. If you do the math ...2011.07.30 05:56:00
- Run a search on "Gungankllr" for a buy order/contract I need filled. Took the average high price for ...2011.06.25 16:16:00
- Turn it off. ...2011.06.22 13:40:00
- I was lucky enough to be the ASCN spokesman for a while, which basically meant I just posted crap on ...2011.05.28 01:05:00
- Hey-Back after a year in Afghanistan, was living up north but I needed to take a few months and get ...2011.05.02 11:36:00
- I would love a Desktop but I'm in the Military and it's just a pain to move around with. I'm looking ...2011.04.11 11:12:00
- Budget is about 3k, been in Afghanistan for a year so I have a nice nest egg saved up. I'd like to b ...2011.04.10 16:45:00
- I have a few. 1. Before Stations were in 0.0- (Even NPC ones) We used to set up big giant secure con ...2011.03.10 16:50:00
- Anyone? I'm just curious...Like I said I'm in Afghanistan and I can't check prices myself... ...2011.03.07 20:14:00
- In Afghanistan for another month, just curious as to what the following go for in-game @ Jita prices ...2011.03.06 05:34:00
- I guess I've been away for a while- But I've never seen a BPO that was researched that high. How muc ...2011.03.05 17:30:00
- You can buy PLEX's directly through the Account Managment page, or your can buy GTC's from any of th ...2011.03.03 17:16:00

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