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- Now the facts ive seen so far from this- 1. A ship is killed, xetic is responsible? 2. War is dec ...2005.04.07 00:31:00
- This video is absolutely impressive!A lot of work must have gone into editing it, and the result is ...2005.03.17 17:10:00
- If you leave a region with a working market, like Fountain, you won't fly out ammo and t2 comps. Amm ...2005.02.15 16:27:00
- Yes, important missions from other corps is a design flaw and should be reverted to the pre exoshiva ...2005.02.09 20:19:00
- It certainly didn't change at this patch.. ...2005.02.03 19:12:00
- According to CAS market history, Trade was last sold 2004-11-23 for ~19k isk.Currently the Trade ski ...2005.01.31 12:56:00
- If you change the rats aggro to go for whoever is close then agent runners looking for a laugh will ...2005.01.31 12:43:00
- I've got one rumour agent that works. He always points me to the same rat scenario. ...2005.01.31 12:22:00
- So the 15 mission interval is a fixed number? Can't be affected by skills or standings like in casto ...2005.01.02 22:16:00
- Excellent Offer site?Please give us some linkage on this one... Offer site and thread about it. P ...2005.01.01 20:20:00
- Why not have the +4 implants as the ones from the crazy 70k LP offers, and give us the +3's back in ...2004.12.20 21:54:00
- Maybe with advanced learning in, they just decided implants had to go?That might be it.. but implant ...2004.12.20 19:41:00
- Before exoshiva, the implant prices were from 5M (+3 perc) to around 25-30M (+3 int/mem). These pric ...2004.12.19 21:52:00
- From the current state of things I don't think CCP even have a QA dept.Not only is the game full of ...2004.12.19 20:30:00

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