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- I use that setup for level ones and cheap PvP albeit I replace the 150mm with 200mm. The armour rea ...2005.11.10 11:50:00
- I've gone all latin for mine (not always accurate I might add to head off the pedants out there)Arma ...2005.10.31 16:57:00
- I sent you a proposal by EVEmail a few days ago - just wondering if you had an opportunity to consid ...2005.10.31 10:43:00
- I maybe able to assist - please contact me via EVEmail or convo me to discuss the details. ...2005.10.31 09:26:00
- Name: Daniel Pravitas Score: 57 Status: textbook exampleJudge notes: Smooth~ I'll take that - tha ...2005.10.14 07:40:00
- Daniel Pravitas DeteisOccupation: Courier, blockade runner and verbal fencerLikes: Fast ships, da ...2005.10.12 09:38:00
- Would would like to reserve 100 shares, if I may, please.How should I arrange for the transfer of fu ...2005.10.10 14:48:00
- I love anything Amarr - Prophecy and the Omen/Zealot are my faves.The Dominix looks like the b'stard ...2005.10.05 11:30:00
- Hi there, not sure if you're still looking for members, but I've sent Jack Tau an EVEmail. You soun ...2005.09.07 15:28:00

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