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- Edited by: Headerman on 31/01/2011 11:30:12 Edited by: Kysal on 31/01/2011 10:12:42 The smartbomb ...2011.01.31 12:03:00
- Indeed. ...2010.07.18 17:30:00
- This is a great idea. Come on CCP, you know you want to. ...2010.07.18 17:24:00
- Well, you have to beat the RNG for that. You may not get any extravaganza for a week, and then all 5 ...2010.07.09 21:03:00
- This would be nice, though I can see issues with missions like Guristas Extravaganza and the other m ...2010.07.09 20:31:00
- The above is words to say "I know nothing!" Colonel Shultz from Hogan's Heros is more productive.Shu ...2010.07.09 20:21:00
- Well I saw the headline about account security in-game and it reminded me of this, I apologize if th ...2010.03.18 21:23:00
- When are these events? I need to mark my calendar. ...2009.09.22 20:35:00

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