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- You WERE outnumbered by more than a fair share, but that's the nature of Sov Warfare. Props to you ...2010.05.15 19:18:00
- I'm honestly curious why DT jumped in. We had at least a 2-1 advantage (probably a lot more, but I ...2010.05.14 21:52:00
- STFU! Happy Pooks? ...2010.04.18 04:37:00
- Closed unless a buyer comes forward shortly ...2010.01.27 07:57:00
- I've got a Wyvern I can loan out on SISI. Will be fit, but with spare decent stuff I have lying aro ...2010.01.25 11:52:00
- To the top! ...2010.01.24 00:13:00
- Auction length - 5 days/buyout Minimum bid increment - 20mHakim's Modified Warp Disruptor Warp Sc ...2010.01.22 01:12:00
- thats right youve been declared FailCrest by people besides me . wake up and realize your **** does ...2010.01.08 09:47:00
- I don't oft post in this cesspool, however I have one thing to say.Die Goons. ...2010.01.03 07:53:00
- Correct the epic stupidity. Supported.Maybe if they do SOMETHING before another six months when the ...2009.12.07 12:05:00
- One would almost suspect my Mothership account has been canceled, shocking. ...2009.12.05 02:27:00
- This really better be a typo Seleene or you just undid all the good work you've done on these ships. ...2009.11.13 04:31:00
- /signed ...2009.11.13 02:33:00
- I've seen some fairly dumb moves by CCP through the years, this one's up there. You had a good idea ...2009.11.13 02:07:00
- Gentles at CCP,While testing the "SuperCarrier" (more in specific, the Fighter Bombers), I and a cou ...2009.09.17 06:42:00

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