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- Toon received --------- ...2010.07.29 10:05:00
- Toon transfer initiation confirmed, awaiting FINAL COUNTDOWNNNNNNNNNNNN ...2010.07.28 22:42:00
- Convoing you in-game as we speak. Have to biomass one toon off this account, looks like 10hr til don ...2010.07.28 03:26:00
- Offering 2.3b ...2010.07.28 01:07:00
- Thats great news.I am waiting on payment for my character, thursday is the day we have agreed on so ...2010.03.22 14:14:00
- We can work out a deal on the carrier, i will evemail you tonight. ...2010.03.22 12:53:00
- I will offer 8B isk if you can wait a couple of days (waiting on my own sale to come through).If you ...2010.03.22 12:47:00
- Send me an eve mail before you sell it?Will send you an eve-mail in game to confirm price and dates( ...2010.03.22 12:29:00
- Fantabulabulous.Many thanks.Exellent, sale closed pending transfure's.Will exchange eve-mails tonigh ...2010.03.22 12:23:00
- I'll offer 8.5b then buyout.I accept this buyout, the earlyest I can transfure the character is thur ...2010.03.22 12:08:00
- The absolute minimum buyout i will take as the character stands now is 8B, as the sale end draws clo ...2010.03.22 11:35:00
- it is not a massive task to reduce it, I will begin doing so myself. You better do so. Security st ...2010.03.22 11:19:00
- I have adjusted the price due to the security rating, it is not a massive task to reduce it, I will ...2010.03.22 10:39:00
- Sale thread you might be interested in here. ...2010.03.22 08:54:00
- 47M SP Female char.Min BS 5, Recon 5.... Great all round char but particually good with minmatar.Ne ...2010.03.22 08:48:00

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