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- Congrats! Mind telling us a bit more about the collection? How much time did it take you to collect ...2007.07.09 13:35:00
- So, more Titans built and lost. Any stories of titans pwn'ing entire fleets before they get BBQed? I ...2007.07.09 07:15:00
- I've been a die-hard fan of Eve for 7 months, and have been away for 7 months due to RL. I left Eve ...2007.07.09 05:59:00
- Am I first? Yay, and thanks! ...2006.12.07 01:02:00
- Thx ...2006.11.22 20:00:00
- Hi, I'm a dedicated EvE fan, though I am somehow losing touch with Kali testing. I have a couple of ...2006.11.22 07:11:00
- Quick Q: How to use armor repair drones to repair your ship's own armor? Thx ...2006.11.13 03:25:00
- Your setup sounds fine to me.Align for warp out as soon as mission starts, and don't worry about war ...2006.10.28 04:23:00
- Turn on the hardeners as soon as you warp in.You shouldn't need to run your XLarge booster all the t ...2006.10.28 04:07:00
- I've spoken to ppl who have finished it. So it was doable. But be prepared for ship losses though, e ...2006.10.22 18:58:00
- Looks like the Raven bonus is more relevant for Torpedoes than Cruise missiles.100km+ definitely can ...2006.10.21 20:36:00
- Because I haven't.So far I've been able to warp out, every time, at 1 second notice.So is what I am ...2006.10.21 20:27:00
- Edited by: Ching Ling on 21/10/2006 18:38:44 Hello, I have a couple Q's for missile range...1. Is m ...2006.10.21 18:37:00
- Thanks for the info. Looks like my problem is proximity aggro, I was in a hurry to get to the next g ...2006.10.20 22:05:00
- Hi I am looking for a jumpclone service. Can someone give me a useful pointer?I am looking for a jum ...2006.10.18 03:58:00

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