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- Nice job. Good commentary. How about doing something on PI? ...2011.01.01 18:33:00
- 1 for this character please! ...2010.12.18 21:29:00
- I live in W-space. But I figured I would state my question so others who don't live in W-space will ...2010.12.09 01:58:00
- Will there be a separate website for DUST 514 or will they be incorporated into a revamped EVE websi ...2010.10.31 19:19:00
- Let's have some more:Fleet target my target Fleet approach my target Fleet deploy drones Fleet fi ...2010.10.31 19:11:00
- For the love of GOD or hot springs, or pig's heads.. whatever you guys pray to.. please implement so ...2010.10.15 19:10:00
- I think the extraction rates will be tweaked to give similar results, so I don't think we should get ...2010.10.15 18:50:00
- CCP Omen. Welcome.If you are going to be popular with the playerbase, I would suggest you upgrade yo ...2010.10.15 16:50:00
- tl;dr ?? ...2010.10.15 05:31:00
- Is there an option to turn off the mouseover tooltips? I find them a little annoying, but I couldn't ...2010.10.05 03:13:00
- Been living in Wormholes for the better part of year now, and don't ever remember this happening - e ...2010.09.29 00:05:00
- I believe the chance of success for an invention job is determined immediately, using the skills of ...2010.09.21 20:15:00
- The Bastards My Loot Your TearsWhy don't you try these links? They are people dedicated to ninja sa ...2010.09.21 11:15:00
- This wormhole will be available to the first taker until Sunday. Price is 500M. If no one wants it a ...2010.09.03 18:37:00
- sounds good, mail me in game.How much you looking for? We'd be ready this weekend if an agreement i ...2010.09.02 19:27:00

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