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- If all else fails:1.) put your most valuable ships (and other goodies if you are willing to wait unt ...2011.09.04 22:42:00
- May want assign some of the "blame" to those who killed the Amarr mom last night. As well as to tho ...2011.09.04 22:34:00
- I just thought I would point out that (iirc) using a large ship assembly array to store your ore is ...2011.08.12 20:24:00
- If you are gonna ninja mine with a small-gang, I would recommend spreading the miners out across the ...2011.07.28 21:29:00
- Admittedly, I only skimmed the link in GM Nova's reply. But, there seems to be a lack of an explana ...2011.07.08 22:38:00
- Agreed. W-space is better income, but the degree of skill, preparation, and mindfulness requires mea ...2011.07.08 22:25:00
- As we speak it appears that LuLzSec got your message loud & clear and have commenced with the scorch ...2011.06.15 05:38:00
- Thank you for alerting everyone to the staggering number of kills you are racking up. I for one wil ...2011.06.15 05:35:00
- I can't help you on the math. But, having experimented with this mechanic before, I can give some i ...2011.04.14 20:09:00
- -72 mil SP -can pilot all Caldari & Minmatar sub-BS hull size t2 ships (t3's as well w/ all subs ma ...2011.04.12 23:24:00
- I don't care to speculate as to whether or not something has been nerfed based upon my own (statisti ...2011.04.10 05:11:00
- If you are looking to be able to also run the escalations from combat sites, I'd recommend keeping 2 ...2011.04.04 17:52:00
- As a general rule of thumb, I would recommend waiting a week or so after any patches before warping ...2011.04.04 17:46:00
- If you have the ISK to spend, fastest way to fix your situation is to go the "Data Center" system fo ...2011.04.04 04:46:00
- ... if you want to help, maybe tips on pricing the cargo before pulling the trigger. there is no sor ...2011.03.30 07:42:00

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