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- I feel so bad for mission runners in low sec..... lol Go navy! ...2009.06.02 00:54:00
- Good looking toon with a good name is a plus. Real nice! 8 billion ...2009.04.25 11:49:00
- you can earn 3 thousand lp and a couple of million isk for the reward. and the rats bounties are pre ...2008.07.10 04:17:00
- Any tip on a Drake setup for lvl 3 missions? I'm doing 'New Frontiers' mission, and the second spawn ...2008.07.09 12:06:00
- Aye, Level 5's are for groups. Alot of Battleships (8 fair pilots)and some Battlecruisers PLUS Logi ...2008.07.08 12:10:00
- Edited by: Adept Hunter on 08/07/2008 08:58:09 What a clever podpilot you are. however NOW you ar ...2008.07.08 08:56:00
- train your shield compensation skills before you get into level 3's and use the drake for them. ...2008.07.06 11:09:00
- Edited by: Adept Hunter on 06/07/2008 09:35:04 This isn't a corp invite. Me and my 2 other partne ...2008.07.06 09:34:00
- 6 month old char running missions for 200 mil. I hope you can pull it off. If you want assistace I ...2008.07.05 12:06:00
- It's a well known fact that jita is a bad place to do business from a lag perspective. I myself am ...2008.07.05 11:43:00
- Aye, They arent alts, they are other accounts I use to help myself to when I feel like either mining ...2008.07.03 13:34:00
- nice we'll contact you in-game then. ...2008.07.03 11:41:00
- I'm looking for a good pvp corp that won't have Cpt Ahole as an fc taking all the credit, and not lo ...2008.07.03 11:18:00
- interesting ...2008.07.03 11:11:00
- What is this? are you saying that you are gonna buy my characters bio space on the forums here? how ...2008.07.02 11:25:00

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