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- How the hell, can it be better than before?? I could do all that before, except now I can't do it ...2011.09.01 16:25:00
- Guide to spinning ships in Incarna. With or without CQ turned on and you can spin any ship you want ...2011.09.01 13:42:00
- I don't know about you, but I'm gonna serial board all my ships today in record time.ah, you have ...2011.09.01 13:37:00
- No, only the Carrier and Supercarrier skills, or the fitting of a Drone Control Unit to one of them ...2011.09.01 11:41:00
- Yes, When are you adding Flash (or Web 2.0) functionality to the IGB, like you promised 2 years ago? ...2011.08.30 13:03:00
- Railguns are superb for transporting minerals... ...2011.08.29 17:37:00
- Old Man Star <goes back to 2009>Nah, it was 2008...when the old guard hadn't left for Tanks. ...2011.08.29 17:32:00
- This is probably the worst idea i've ever heard. Which is exactly why CCP will do it.You just cant a ...2011.08.29 16:00:00
- No! If you think that players should be able to play the way they prefer to play, then surely grie ...2011.08.27 14:34:00
- not what i asked. anyone want to actually be helpful?He was being helpful...only you know under what ...2011.08.23 07:05:00
- It certainly gives me second thoughts about whether I want to train for and fly T3. SP is far more ...2011.08.22 01:26:00
- CCP Fallout trolls the Eve player base again, with a "non-content" dev blog.Really, a dev blog expla ...2011.08.21 15:11:00
- Carrier. For an individual, a Carrier gives you you more versatility - you wont have to rely on oth ...2011.08.19 11:55:00
- To the OP - Your assumption is flawed, in that, CCP have yet to fulfill any plans...ever. You also a ...2011.08.17 05:21:00
- Along time ago, I was involved in a huge fleet fight (1000 in local, if I remember rightly) when try ...2011.08.16 05:21:00

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