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- 100?What scope do you like on your sniper rifle? Personally I prefer a 10x fixed sight. ...2011.06.27 23:59:00
- The answer is that of course they are, you ****ing ******s. If they weren't, they would have come ou ...2011.06.26 08:59:00
- Hilmar ate her daughter, true story. ...2011.06.26 08:57:00
- He's definitely Himmler. Complete with burning jew babies and everything. ...2011.06.26 07:50:00
- Agreed with OP. Do it. ...2011.06.25 23:06:00
- -2 accounts here. My main which is a 68 mil sp '06 char, and a 16 mil sp cov-ops/pve char.I've just ...2011.06.25 07:23:00
- Oh god this Cartman song is horrendous!! ...2011.06.25 02:02:00
- Alright yeah, expanding on my point above, where do we go from here? Where does CCP go from here? Th ...2011.06.25 01:52:00
- This is pretty interesting guys. I really wonder where it goes from here. ...2011.06.25 01:48:00
- Guys, keep it coming. We almost have it down. Overload your highs! ...2011.06.25 01:46:00
- I'm all madded out. Your're still ****ing ****s though CCP. ...2011.06.25 01:36:00
- Yes you are mad I hate to you tell you boy But you are mad You've got the mad ...2011.06.25 01:26:00

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