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- Who only asked for 100m?Hi Sverige! I was thinking the same thing, don't you guys usually ask them t ...2011.05.08 00:24:00
- That's not the only way it can happen, far from it. I suppose you are suggesting I don't mission wit ...2011.05.08 00:19:00
- I dropped into the public channel last evening, but no one was feeling particularly chatty it seems. ...2010.10.20 12:23:00
- You're back from the dead? Welcome back to EVE Petyr. ...2010.10.20 01:43:00
- Well, back to the top, got a couple of replies in game, any other folks doing something fun? ...2010.10.19 01:02:00
- 60M+ Caldari/Gallente focused character (can fly most everything up through Golems) looking for corp ...2010.10.17 13:52:00
- I've flown with DNS before, and I'd do it again. No one should be concerned about the integrity of ...2010.07.14 19:24:00
- Breaking news! SISI has been refreshed so we'll be running lots of training sessions over there alm ...2010.03.11 17:15:00
- Believe the hype folks! ...2010.03.09 19:02:00
- We're having fun learning how to blow stuff up, you can be part of it, come visit us today! ...2010.03.08 16:23:00
- The good news is you can totally ignore the off topic posters and take heart in the fact there actua ...2010.02.12 02:10:00
- DNS was the first corp that took me to 0.0 space so long ago. Hey Black, remember me losing my Raven ...2009.08.07 23:53:00
- Riv and the crew are a great bunch of folks. Spent some time with them last year and you couldn't as ...2009.04.07 14:44:00
- Hello Ardon, perhaps the 5th Freedom might interest you. We're an empire based merc corp that does ...2008.11.09 16:43:00
- bump ...2008.11.09 14:00:00

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