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- 5 Races 14 bloodlines.FYI ...2009.08.20 01:55:00
- Pros: I LOVE DUST 514. The short vid was awesome! The camera has a realistic feel to it. I fly by t ...2009.08.20 01:52:00
- Yes, I would love CCP longtime if we could get multi-monitor support. It doesn't have to have the gr ...2009.08.14 17:30:00
- He has been fired but I did not fill a charges with the police. He had been a terrific employee unti ...2009.05.06 01:32:00
- Well...mature topics/language aren't appreciated by SOME mature players, however any decent radio pr ...2004.10.04 15:30:00
- We have operations in 0.0 that always need some 'pirate clean-up', if ya know what i mean. Feel fre ...2004.09.27 02:15:00
- Contact me in-game. ICT is a mega corp that specializes in mining and manufacturing. We just bought ...2004.09.27 02:12:00
- Will do, the title of the post is wrong, tis supposed to be 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller. ...2004.09.23 04:22:00
- Well everyone comes here to complain about their problems, so i'm here to thank CCP. I dont know whe ...2004.09.18 20:34:00
- The new mobility processors by intel are much more powerful than by looking at by their megahertz al ...2004.09.18 20:28:00
- Yeah, i lived in a dorm for one semester, so i can sympathize with you when it comes to internet...T ...2004.09.18 20:23:00
- CCP has better things to do than recompile thier game for an unstandard, unpopular, and un-user frie ...2004.09.04 23:32:00
- Edited by: Basheron on 07/05/2004 00:37:50 Good idea. I know Tech2 stuff is going to require stuff ...2004.05.07 00:36:00
- Ok, the Jovians are isolationists, but now that we have these body parts we are going to make Jovian ...2004.05.06 19:12:00
- No, i am in a Moa, my badger mk2 was just the first time Persistance, Inc. openend fire on me. He wa ...2004.05.04 03:13:00

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