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- Edited by: Jovialmadness on 10/04/2011 02:17:19 Let me get this straight. The new forums are screwe ...2011.04.10 02:15:00
- Rubs hands together evily ...2011.02.17 17:58:00
- Edited by: Jovialmadness on 17/02/2011 17:02:52 Edited by: Jovialmadness on 17/02/2011 17:00:13 Fo ...2011.02.17 16:56:00
- For once i actually agree with an option someone mentioned concerning tech 2 bpo's. I like the idea ...2011.02.16 19:35:00
- (helix vargo)Simply put i am fixing to place you in a world of s***. ...2011.01.26 19:43:00
- (Astrid Karrel)15 isk and its on baby... ...2011.01.26 19:31:00
- <----hottest but does not care that you think otherwise... ...2011.01.21 00:11:00
- Trust me. Actually i dont care if you do or not. Some corps simply kick too much ass and im extrem ...2011.01.14 16:55:00
- So here is my "Situation" I was calmly walking down my street with my nan and ice cream in hand, whe ...2011.01.14 16:12:00
- "raw isk"?That's something of a funny phrase as if isk needed cooking... Pfft he meant to say liqui ...2011.01.14 15:41:00
- at the subject (because I hate reading more than about 5 lines of text in an OP), I am about as loya ...2011.01.11 14:07:00
- Edited by: Jovialmadness on 10/01/2011 20:25:14Very loyal. They have created a game that ive stuck ...2011.01.10 20:23:00
- Yep. Cause it does mmhmm. ...2011.01.10 20:17:00
- Hehe. Unless the op does his/her homework i see much bs'ness coming from these "contacts". :p ...2011.01.10 20:15:00
- The OP in this thread has failed to see that mass production of tech II items with blueprint origina ...2011.01.10 15:11:00

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