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- Interceptors are very useful tacklers.Cov Ops are scouts and probers (as well as nice for moving exp ...2007.06.19 18:23:00
- Because CCP has a deal with T2 AB producers to keep at least 1 good use of AB's in the game.... ...2007.06.05 17:38:00
- The Typhoon is the most expensive Tier 1 BS (I think...). The Maelstrom is the cheapest Tier 3 BS ( ...2007.05.29 15:26:00
- Grats to, well, us! Most important thing I've learned so far is to *never* answer the phone unless ...2007.05.12 23:07:00
- Try T2 launchers and stock some Fury missiles for the tough tanks. It's like a 17% damage increase ...2007.05.09 14:52:00
- It's a Caldari Battlecruiser, introduced in Kali - it's a missile-boat. All 4 big-boys got a new BC ...2007.03.06 16:23:00
- Invention will gradually increase supply in areas were there is a clear lack of supply and obsene pr ...2007.03.02 05:47:00
- Then realize how awful 800mm tracking is and just orbit the maelstrom at under 10k since it has no t ...2007.02.28 14:50:00
- Edited by: Kurieg on 26/02/2007 17:47:59 This is where you go wrong. The difference IS the stacking ...2007.02.26 17:50:00
- I've just recently returned to Eve, and was trying out the new BC's. I have to say, I love this ship ...2007.02.26 16:49:00
- Then there's BMs (and ya I use em, too), which allow large fleets to gather much easier and faster ( ...2006.09.11 19:24:00
- So, for the "Big 4" to enforce this rule, they would presumably have to violate it in order to bring ...2006.09.11 15:07:00
- Edited by: Kurieg on 25/08/2006 14:35:57 1 Raven with Magnetometric racial jammer, max skills, = 9 ...2006.08.25 14:34:00
- Siege launcher for level 3...... No.Use 6x Cruise Launchers (see mids) 2x medium long range gun of ...2006.08.23 18:43:00
- ECM/ECCM - affect chance to jam and locking time. Due to picking up a new benefit, ECM strengths re ...2006.08.21 18:04:00

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