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- Your personal ship fittings are going to be stored on the server, giving you the same functionality ...2011.03.15 17:47:00
- Actually, CCP already had something like this on their todo List. It's called COSMOS. CCP had this v ...2011.03.13 12:48:00
- Good move. I had used the GMs service for reactivating accounts for plex purchase more than once mys ...2011.03.10 19:31:00
- aha, okay. some useability tweaks. damn needed and kudos for that.but apart from that... that's it? ...2010.10.13 11:44:00
- On Thursday, October 6, 2010, So I guess that's October the 7th, right?And from the dev blog there a ...2010.10.06 11:12:00
- Same hereWindows 7, latest Firefox aswell as IE8 ...2010.08.26 17:37:00
- There is indeed already a channel for this. It's called "live events". Or if you are more up for the ...2010.08.04 07:17:00
- I'd say it's a pretty simple answer:Concord have gone into summer vacation... like the rest of CCP s ...2010.07.31 18:55:00
- Well, for me Dropbear said that at this time there is nothing special to trigger ingame yet. So righ ...2010.07.29 11:14:00
- the brain scan part is only needed for these precious moments before someone or something else cuts ...2010.07.15 15:54:00
- the repair tool is really nice and I used it recently. But considering that it ain't that young anym ...2010.07.13 15:42:00
- Which corp was it that famously sat in Yulai tanking Concord and blowing up anyone that flew past? B ...2010.07.01 06:49:00
- Edited by: Miyamoto Uroki on 30/06/2010 17:28:28 While looking at the medical explanation of the wo ...2010.06.30 16:07:00
- Edited by: Miyamoto Uroki on 30/06/2010 16:02:27The first enclave: the Archive. It has a different ...2010.06.30 15:42:00
- woah, lots of brainstorming around..okay, I'll toss my bits into here aswell:Do we agree that the sl ...2010.06.30 06:11:00

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