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- I regret to inform those that hope for a rift between IFW and EM, that we are currently and hope to ...2011.04.23 18:33:00
- Mara last time i checked you have yet to provide any evidence that IFW has helped the Amarr kill fri ...2011.03.23 01:12:00
- Be careful what you wish for Azelor.....We all know the only reason your undocking is because IFW is ...2011.03.16 05:01:00
- Tckets bought bump ...2011.02.15 18:05:00
- 20 to me ...2011.01.26 19:03:00
- Edited by: Sharra Savente on 28/11/2010 20:44:14 lol, IFW at its best, pure trolling no substance.T ...2010.11.28 20:38:00
- Lol, that anonymous comment on your KM wasn't me, ask your KB admin to check IP if you want :)Also, ...2010.11.28 16:36:00
- Edited by: Sharra Savente on 27/11/2010 18:30:27 lol, you can bring as many of your minmatar friend ...2010.11.27 18:30:00
- As flattered as I am to have my 'honesty' acknowledged I'm a little bemused how this can be given th ...2010.09.20 06:56:00
- Jade my original criticism wasnt directed at anybody in particular just that there is little action ...2010.09.02 18:08:00
- wait a minute... you know something the great constantine doesn't!!!are you... god ...2010.09.01 05:44:00
- Well i do consider myself a good pilot but for the most part i tend to stay alive due to the efforts ...2010.08.23 20:19:00
- Hmmm so because i dont conform with your lemmings i must be a spy? You sound like the empress herse ...2010.08.23 19:54:00
- Heres a thought put a proper fleet together before starting a forum war. Words mean nothing on the ...2010.08.23 19:17:00
- maybe we could talk ingame send me a mail ...2009.11.26 09:34:00

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