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- Oh, and another source of anger is that this episode suggests a deep-seated… well… stupidity, for th ...2011.06.15 08:36:00
- Edited by: Nea Star on 15/06/2011 08:30:00As far as the Ishukone Issue Scorpion was concerned (which ...2011.06.15 08:19:00
- Edited by: Adamantor on 16/05/2011 20:58:14 Not a good change for the long term game. Complexity a ...2011.05.16 22:09:00
- Lols, mission running carebears in this thread are hillarious! They got noctis and still want moar. ...2011.04.24 10:56:00
- People have the idea that Incarna and WIS will make EVE more fun, cause it will be a cool addition t ...2011.04.23 11:57:00
- 360 camera rotation on Y axis. Ships NOT auto-returning to horizontal position upon stopping. ...2011.04.20 09:59:00
- This..and then I blow up. Still the band is jawesome.. ...2011.04.19 22:54:00
- can you change the picture for "Achievement Speculant" as its extreamly it's not specul ...2011.04.19 22:45:00
- Awww..i rly got excited about 'walking in stables' and 'plex for ponies', but then i read that 'kitt ...2011.04.01 10:50:00
- when i grind missions for five hours, and then come to reply to this thread.. ..oh and also when I c ...2011.03.10 12:04:00
- What's with all the customization and (re)furnishing requests?? EVE is not sims's a cold ...2011.03.08 14:46:00
- You can view these settings by clicking the little three lines (used to be a triangle) lol, it's a ...2011.03.05 17:59:00
- Ok, tnx for the reply guys.. I'll go with Diomidis's suggestion and c how it works! ...2011.03.05 11:10:00
- ok, so we all know what 425mm shield nano-cane looks like, and the fitting of 220mm armor cane.But w ...2011.03.04 21:09:00
- Will it be WASD controls or point and click?What's with all the wasd-ers in here?? I've been using ...2011.02.24 11:48:00

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