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- Where the hell was this documented? ...2010.07.20 14:33:00
- I swear I read SOMEWHERE when PI came out CCP said it would cost 3 isk /m3 to export goods, but of c ...2010.07.20 14:14:00
- It seems that CCP really screwed up with PI. The only things that use it other than pos fuels are t ...2010.07.14 15:45:00
- And if people begin moving back to high sec, then prices will adjust again.It won't be equal. It ...2010.02.25 19:04:00
- Made it bold in the quote: The prices will become stable or in other words: The ratio between the ...2010.02.25 17:10:00
- Letīs assume, people want to mine the most profitable ore: A pro miner will login, check something ...2010.02.25 14:45:00
- Rat bounties are not traded on the market. They never were, and are not, market driven.SO WHAT? ...2010.02.25 02:41:00
- Risk and hindrances (missing bits again) are what most people evaluate when choosing where they want ...2010.02.25 01:46:00
- Then explain to me why the rat bounties guarantee higher income. Your idea that it is purely the ri ...2010.02.24 21:27:00
- Second point: Since a long time, the risk is like this: high sec < 0.0 << low sec. Uhh huh.... so ...2010.02.24 19:08:00
- The two proposals that seem to have evolved here are to create "profitability bands' highsec < lowse ...2010.02.24 18:51:00
- Edited by: Gaogan on 24/02/2010 15:30:07You don't have to make nullsec more dangerous for miners. Yo ...2010.02.24 15:27:00
- Your idea will make one of the 3 (or 4 if we consider wormhole space) broad security zones (hi sec ...2010.02.24 05:29:00
- Well isn't that nice... CCP specifically said the gas for the synth boosters only spawned in low sec ...2010.02.24 04:43:00
- Ice always refines at 100% no matter what your skill is, though you have to have level 1 at least to ...2010.02.20 02:16:00

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