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- Sooooo, Navigator...... 43 minutes ago the server was up was it? I think you may have made a bit of ...2011.07.05 12:53:00
- I mainly want to know whether there's any point in me finishing up skill training for my mining, I'v ...2011.07.02 11:18:00
- It's interesting to see so many completely false reports and statements doing the rounds in the last ...2011.06.24 20:06:00
- 17 pages of crying? God damn I'm gonna need a bigger bucket...... ...2011.06.22 10:28:00
- No, the makers and distributors of the software have to pay for the right to use the API. If they ch ...2011.06.21 13:30:00
- Just shut up already, failing that learn to read the damn dev blog properly. ...2011.06.19 12:36:00
- Edited by: Aeronwen Carys on 19/06/2011 11:40:40 Sending in a petition, priceless. For everything e ...2011.06.19 11:37:00
- So i did some test ship spinning in incarna. All i have to say is WTF i do not want to stair at my ...2011.06.17 18:43:00
- Stuff, wah wah wah.Why do people feel the need to spout the same rhetoric as everyone else when they ...2011.06.15 15:49:00
- Good riddance ...2011.06.13 17:07:00
- Giving you the benefit of the doubt this time, will report for spam threads next time.Plenty of evid ...2011.06.11 14:15:00
- I want a PC in my quarters so that I can play EVE while I play EVE ...2011.06.11 01:31:00
- why the secrecy? What is the gain and why not explain it when showing the concept video?You ain't t ...2011.06.11 01:27:00
- What? ...2011.06.11 00:10:00
- Back when they announced Dust and said it would only be on consoles, reason being that only console ...2011.06.10 03:16:00

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