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- I heard it was a Scorch bomb that failed to detonate after someone mistook the ISS for a Stiletto. ...2010.01.14 11:53:00
- You can take most keyboards apart and give 'em a good scrubdown providing yours is of the "Membrane" ...2010.01.14 11:48:00
- When push comes to shove, shes probably fat. I don't mean like "Curvy"... I mean like the underside ...2010.01.14 11:36:00
- Overimaginative modellers and a lust to make the game so futuristic that aesthetic is discarded over ...2010.01.14 11:29:00
- The first few weeks/months are the best, savour them. You'll never get that feeling of magic and won ...2010.01.14 11:19:00
- Not that I'm denying an earthquake as a tragic event, but I find it ultimately hypocritical that we ...2010.01.14 11:11:00
- I haven't purchased yet however the incentive of free lifetime upgrades and the one time cost of $19 ...2010.01.14 11:02:00
- I would hit up youtube, there are a ton of videos concerning DAW tutorials - you just have to wade t ...2010.01.13 08:17:00
- Crabcore in bed. ...2009.07.08 13:31:00
- The line-up is hilarious.I'm guessing T stands for "Turd". ...2009.07.08 13:13:00
- 3. It better be First Person and not some bull**** third person Chrome-hounds knock-off.Needs to be ...2009.07.08 09:14:00
- I love TED.In honesty - the best skills i've learnt have been from hands-on experience. I've scratch ...2009.07.07 07:56:00
- FORD ORION........ EPIC FAILSomeone had to say it, haha. ...2009.07.03 13:15:00
- In before typical "The problem is that its a 360" reply.In reality, the 360 has a shocking failure r ...2009.07.03 10:07:00
- Jesus christ, its the start of a Barnacle.Flame it before it grows teeth and a tongue! That is weird ...2009.07.03 09:49:00

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