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- ganks will only get you so far until you realise you have to seriously raise your game in order to c ...2007.06.22 14:34:00
- Edited by: Quillan Rage on 14/06/2007 17:58:31 Someone had that Guristas rabbit done (or whatever i ...2007.06.14 17:59:00
- 1) Iron 2) Razorhttp://smileys.sur-la-toi ...2007.05.18 15:34:00
- Sell GTC! ...2007.05.18 15:20:00
- Hmmm...ASCN, Burn Eden, Goons... ...2007.05.18 15:19:00
- You should have returned half the money so that he could buy an intellignce implant, which may then ...2007.05.10 11:22:00
- yes, an imbalance between those who are willing to put the effort in to build one of these ships (an ...2007.05.09 17:51:00
- I actually use a Gisti A-type (the one I had on my Cerb) and that is great.. and uses bugger all cap ...2007.05.09 13:23:00
- Vagabond - Mr Bojangles Vulture - Mr Toomes Eagle - Strap on King Damnation - Fatboy Cerberus - ...2007.04.26 12:35:00
- Something to drive the Christians wild.... virtual drug pushers.Maybe ISS will be the first to open ...2007.04.25 13:03:00
- Removes the ability to gank, chase, kill and plot ambush/traps.The game would become very dull if ev ...2007.04.25 08:13:00
- To be honest, it was less of a 0.0 issue and more of an empire issue to facilitate rapid movement ac ...2007.04.25 08:09:00
- Probably been mentioned before but...With the introduction of the Titan and jump bridges (the toy of ...2007.04.24 12:36:00
- imho nothing is ever achieved by bringing your dirty washing to a public forum. There are reasons fo ...2007.04.24 12:10:00
- ISS - when somebody told me that a neutral alliance would be setting up in 0.0 with outposts, I thou ...2007.04.23 14:17:00

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