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- Having just watched that in it's entirety, i'd like to ask for the last 40 minutes of my life back.I ...2008.05.31 22:53:00
- WOW! Incredible video.The best EVE related video I have seen!Thank you for that! ...2008.05.31 17:39:00
- Get well soon BC!Was always a good time flying on beerfleets, or the drunk'n talk on TS. cheers m8! ...2008.01.07 21:36:00
- Verone - I would imagine Darkelf would be smiling, at the very touching, respectfull & simply great ...2007.10.15 02:35:00
- The name of the Chaos Outpost is "Darkelf The World is Yours". In honor of a former member of AIL wh ...2007.10.15 01:36:00
- ... I think I was one of the only people left, at the POS at this time. I want to say - We were ...2007.10.11 01:49:00
- Edited by: Skooney on 11/10/2007 00:09:01 God's Army,You are right, however (and yes I am posting i ...2007.10.11 00:09:00
- Hate to say it, but Big Russ isn't exactly our best carrier pilot. He's so awesome with them that he ...2007.10.10 23:56:00
- Roxana,The exact same thing happened to us. I think you will find there are people out there who wil ...2007.10.10 23:27:00
- All politics aside.Good Fight - Had some great fights against all who joined the party.My alt and I ...2007.10.09 22:11:00
- Edited by: Skooney on 08/10/2007 05:17:52 Top 3 FC's I have flown with:1). Shadoo 2). Rhang 3). K ...2007.10.08 05:15:00
- The fight today sounded AWESOME!Two seperate occasions at two seperate times both my characters lock ...2007.09.10 03:17:00
- Congratulations MC!Happy 2nd!Keep those war reports coming! ...2007.02.20 05:30:00
- You might want a title mate I always wanted to do the "Official Press Release" thing, then I forgot ...2007.02.16 00:31:00
- Edited by: Skooney on 16/02/2007 00:26:23 2007.02.16 00:23 The war between Universal Agencies and ...2007.02.16 00:29:00

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