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- Unfortunately, today the Camulos was involved in a terrible accident where the ship tore itself apar ...2007.09.10 17:55:00
- Edited by: Vivus Mors on 27/08/2007 19:46:06 I think that the developers don't like the idea of les ...2007.08.27 19:44:00
- Edited by: Vivus Mors on 27/08/2007 08:53:53 Maybe a bit over simplified but could't the same thing ...2007.08.27 08:52:00
- I'm getting tired being neglected for such a long time..signedThankfully, it would seem that perhaps ...2007.08.12 20:15:00
- Edited by: Vivus Mors on 10/08/2007 19:18:05 All of your ideas (or what you describe no matter if i ...2007.08.10 19:15:00
- In the near future we can speak more but the crux is module duration timers are good and should be q ...2007.08.09 02:41:00
- A small victory for us miners, but a victory indeed. I do hope CCP doesnt consider this act as "fin ...2007.08.08 18:41:00
- Everyone, on either side of the situation, please let it rest. No one will ever be 'convinced' to se ...2007.08.05 01:38:00
- I have to say that I am awestruck, not only about having this thread mentioned and associated direct ...2007.08.03 22:59:00
- Just wondering, is it possible to have MLUs staking nerfed for equiping more than two? Equip two ML ...2007.08.02 21:05:00
- The changes to the upgrades are ok, but please stop the stacking penalty. There is already a penalty ...2007.08.01 16:49:00
- Edited by: Vivus Mors on 30/07/2007 00:35:17 Unfortunately all there is at the moment is bad news, ...2007.07.30 00:34:00
- Edited by: Vivus Mors on 27/07/2007 02:21:15 will there be a stacking penalty to "mining amount bon ...2007.07.27 02:19:00
- Ooops, sorry.How about Asteroid Suck Mode (similar to siege/triage mode). :)"SIR! It's mega-maid Sir ...2007.07.24 17:09:00
- Edited by: Vivus Mors on 24/07/2007 00:46:05 Quarc, I can allay your fears in one pass...You're afr ...2007.07.24 00:44:00

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