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- Amiga game music compilation 2 man. Supercars. Nostal ...2010.01.19 03:33:00
- Edited by: Nomakai Delateriel on 11/01/2010 02:12:47 Cheap suit?Cheap suit?I could buy your family ...2010.01.11 02:13:00
- Pretty clueless for an Amarr, aren't you. The word "slaver" means to drool. The beast's name has not ...2010.01.11 00:09:00
- Honestly, if you try to breed their hunting instinct out of a Slaver hound you lose an essential par ...2010.01.09 11:02:00
- 2. Start to mass produce games in the same franchise that get crappier and crappier and watch the pa ...2010.01.08 15:50:00
- you mean those other games has MORE moaning and complaining than this forum does? how? and is that e ...2010.01.08 11:17:00
- I've watched most of Ergo Proxy (about 18-19 eps), and it's pretty good, but I honestly wished they ...2010.01.08 09:51:00
- With COAD being an almost intolerable pile of manure we can only arrive at two conclusions.1. Someon ...2010.01.08 09:28:00
- Well, we've established that Planetes is great (as it should be).Now if you're looking for other Ani ...2010.01.08 01:43:00
- I guess you haven't heard the Black Lagoon dub then.I haven't no. I have however had the misfortune ...2010.01.07 03:46:00
- You on the other hand got slapped around by trash fittet cruisers equalizing the losses including th ...2010.01.07 01:59:00
- Attention: People who obsess over anime (called "weeaboos" by the internet at large) will often insi ...2010.01.07 01:08:00
- So Star Fraction propaganda won the day on IGS, but who actually won? Can someone not in Star Fracti ...2010.01.07 00:38:00
- Its shopped, i can tell because of the Pixels.Either that, or that is one hell of an unsafe Crane. ...2009.12.18 16:57:00
- They're simply making sure that after uninstalling the game won't leave any residual empty catalogs. ...2009.12.17 22:32:00

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