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- Edited by: PhoenixHeart on 14/03/2011 22:02:02 I got the same thing on character Phoenixheart. I fe ...2011.03.14 22:02:00
- I die a little every time I see an old video of cyno jumps, and realized I may never see that animat ...2009.06.04 02:19:00
- I've also noted a lot of rule breaking lately. i took a screenshot of the last one, 2 domi's remote ...2009.06.03 22:07:00
- I'm also getting this error, and it keeps saying "using already downloaded patch" which happens to b ...2009.05.03 04:46:00
- At my old job I found out one day he also played EVE.Me: "So, what kind of games do you play?" Him: ...2009.04.01 16:15:00
- You, sir, are a god. ...2009.03.31 03:36:00
- Edited by: PhoenixHeart on 11/05/2008 05:29:04 In the "Battle for Syndicate" video on the Community ...2008.05.11 05:24:00
- I would like to point out that:Yelling at CCP to fix their own documentation using staff members, in ...2008.04.15 22:39:00
- Umm... I already run dual-monitors, what are you referring to? ...2008.01.26 19:26:00
- Same problem, nVidia 7800GS card... if you turn the guns off then back on, it shows it again for the ...2007.11.30 01:38:00
- I can't bug report it since it won't let me click any buttons on the windows! D: ...2007.10.25 21:01:00
- My current test build is 27333, I used it just a few days ago, and now there's a new test version ou ...2006.11.22 16:54:00
- I'd have to say the 9cg battle of BoB vs the Coalition of Dead Alliances (Imperium, Smash, SA, Verti ...2006.10.04 09:09:00
- Is there a guide somewhere for setting up a dual monitor setup? If not, can someone explain how to d ...2006.04.06 17:31:00
- I had the same problem..... un-overclocking my CPU fixed the problem. THought I'd add points to the ...2006.04.06 07:17:00

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