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- Prefer those with Gallente Orientation. ...2009.05.22 08:04:00
- A question on scale. Just how large would be some of the models if say a shuttle was 1cm? ...2007.09.12 02:19:00
- Cosmic anomally's show up as unknowns on multispectral probes but are not detected by other probes ...2007.08.29 12:59:00
- I have the same problem. Reinstalled client to no effect. ...2007.08.28 17:42:00
- They always get stuck and won't despawn. ...2007.08.02 15:01:00
- A tiny bit of info. I've found gas clouds. Bought the skillbook and harvesters. They fit like m ...2007.07.24 12:50:00
- I got an expedition that started at a BC lvl explore site. The next stage revealed I was chasing ...2007.07.24 12:29:00
- Same problem here ...2007.07.03 15:47:00
- I beleive that requires an Analyzer (Archaeology) to open. ...2007.06.22 11:09:00
- I talked to a guy (Babalu Wrezka) near a stargate. He gave me an important storyline mission, 30 ...2007.05.07 00:42:00
- I got an offer for a BP of one of these. I cant seem to find the BP or ship in the item database. ...2006.06.19 10:21:00

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