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- Applied the latest patch and had Eve client optimise graphics settings for performance. I must say t ...2011.06.30 09:57:00
- Edited by: Nuran DeSiad on 25/06/2011 09:40:03 Edited by: Nuran DeSiad on 25/06/2011 09:35:33 Inst ...2011.06.25 09:33:00
- Disabled HDR, nogo. Still the same black screen. Will see if I can get recent nvidia drivers. Feed ...2011.06.23 21:59:00
- Bongpacks,Thanks for the tip. Will try so this evening (@work right now). Will give feedback to th ...2011.06.23 10:51:00
- Hi,I'm running into the following issue. I've updated Eve on my laptop to Incarna. However, when sta ...2011.06.23 10:21:00
- Hi there,@Ideki: Any news on updates for this great tool ??cheers, Nuran ...2011.05.09 07:57:00
- Thanks for the input !I am looking for the ice types in the belts according to region and security, ...2011.04.29 14:49:00
- OK, as usual, the answer comes to me after I post here....I found a partly answer in this thread: h ...2011.04.28 13:16:00
- Hi all,I've been rummaging through the static dump, I want to extract the solarsystems which contain ...2011.04.28 13:04:00
- Hi,Any updates on this project ??cheers, ...2011.03.23 10:27:00
- Doesn't work when I put in my name. Nothing happens, it shows 'null <pilotname>'cheers, Nuran ...2011.03.02 15:42:00
- OK, makes sense. Not an essential thing to know, but a 'nice to have' option. I've bm'ed the tool. ...2011.02.18 10:10:00
- That is a cool, nice tool you wrote there... However, the resources' fonts are quite small. I've vi ...2011.02.18 09:31:00
- Hi,I want to update the Eve client on my MacBook Pro (Tyrannis Version) to the latest Incursion. So ...2011.02.07 13:54:00
- If you have a modem-router (Cable or DSL), you could block the IP's or IP ranges uses ...2010.10.22 12:18:00

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