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- This happens at exactly the same time as my 360 gets the three red lights ring of death. I might hav ...2008.10.28 17:43:00
- Hit ctrl+F to check your framerate in game ...2008.06.12 15:55:00
- Bumperoonie ...2008.05.24 14:20:00
- Bumperoonie ...2008.05.24 14:20:00
- If your updated drivers aren't the problem, then maybe check this sticky about crashing after splash ...2008.02.02 14:24:00
- Edited by: Abiel Mordecai on 01/02/2008 17:59:00If you are using an ATI card and have recently updat ...2008.02.01 17:57:00
- Ok people, I think I found the problem. I've fixed it on my PC anyway.This morning I bought a new gr ...2008.02.01 17:47:00
- I'm having the same issue with my (newly purchased!) ATI x1650 pro. I bought this card because my ol ...2008.02.01 14:03:00
- Bump. I'm still investigating this problem on my PC but I bought a new ATI X1650 pro card this morni ...2008.02.01 13:55:00
- Edited by: Abiel Mordecai on 21/01/2008 19:31:06 I'll join this sorry tale of woe... I'm running a ...2008.01.21 19:25:00
- I've just installed a new graphics card (and when I say new I mean I got it second hand, but new for ...2007.02.25 18:59:00
- I'm not sure about this one either, but if a dev were to comment it would also settle the drone trac ...2007.02.21 13:21:00
- Here's my uberleetomgwtfmegaubersexay e-peni.., um, powerhouse machine!!Linkage ...2007.02.11 19:21:00
- it's already been mentioned above, but I had a very similar problem and it was caused by my laptop o ...2007.02.11 18:45:00

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