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- Yep. Someone who lies, cheats, steals, scams and said in his CSM interview. "anyone who votes for me ...2011.03.26 17:41:00
- Well, the Mittani running the CSM. We're f***edYep. Someone who lies, cheats, steals, scams and sai ...2011.03.26 17:24:00
- Cheers for those answers. Would like you to expand on one thing thou.Regarding corperation roles and ...2011.03.07 12:14:00
- 1) Logistics. Apparently CCP think its too easy. Its about time someone sat them down and made them ...2011.03.03 21:32:00
- Okay, foreplay is over:Ladies and Gents, to celebrate having given away over 20 TRILLION isk in priz ...2011.02.24 04:57:00
- CCP Oneiromancer <3. Her ban stick is a whip :P/me wiggles ass at Oneiro :) ...2011.02.19 02:28:00
- Solar System: A2-V27 Conquered Corporation: Tin Foil Conquering Corporation: Celestial Horizon Cor ...2011.02.02 01:25:00
- her hat looks better than my arse did on the forums :PBut seriously... Bees? Goons suck. ...2010.05.15 00:00:00
- How about this... i reported multiple issues for dom and apoc. ALL those issues made it to the live ...2010.01.26 01:53:00
- And for the love that all is Quafe... DO MORE FRACKING QA.Well, you see this thread right here? the ...2010.01.25 22:41:00
- why are the fittings still stored in our settings file?take them out. one less thing for you to dele ...2010.01.25 20:58:00
- Stop adding crap.Do another bug only patch. Fix stuff. Nail down what you have right now.And for the ...2010.01.25 20:52:00
- That's funny, I've never heard of you.Thats ok. I'll just post the ass pic again to remind ppl.:P ...2009.11.07 02:05:00
- - 146 Corporations - 3 Soverei ...2009.11.07 01:58:00
- Oh and CCP?Mao Tse Tung said change must come Change must come thru the barrel of a gun Not thru t ...2009.11.07 00:05:00

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