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- Nobody would notice if CCP silently removed support for pre-shader-3.0 graphics hardware.PR fail muc ...2010.10.09 11:11:00
- Confirming ALT POSTING is not broken ...2010.07.29 16:59:00
- truncated content ...2010.07.25 11:17:00
- Edited by: scunner funk on 29/04/2010 23:24:08The number of people leaving the UK for 12 months or m ...2010.04.29 23:22:00
- Cat o' Ninetails > Ninetails o'CatStill can't work out if it's a smear attempt or a publicity stunt. ...2010.04.29 21:35:00
- Edited by: scunner funk on 29/04/2010 20:15:39Q: Have the CSM members managed to push any issue that ...2010.04.29 20:15:00
- Escapism, I love having a community of friends from all over the world that I can talk to and forget ...2010.04.29 10:31:00
- The only problem with blockade runners is that they are so useful you may end up living in your prow ...2010.04.29 02:36:00
- He also believes that "evil alliances" get that 0.0 space in some dubious way. Most probably by brib ...2010.04.29 01:43:00
- In my opinion the only real injustice is the totally insane CPU requirement on shield transporters, ...2010.04.29 01:37:00
- OP, you've neglected to mention if you're flying blasters or rails, this makes a big difference vs c ...2010.04.29 01:29:00
- You don't need a second account to live in 0.0, exploration, plexing and ratting give plenty of inco ...2010.04.29 01:01:00
- Hope those numbers do make it to TQ. When the inevitable rush of macros and botters start spamming t ...2010.04.28 22:44:00
- Officer fit bellicose with dual 180mm autos, assault missiles and dual webs.It would be called venus ...2010.04.28 22:31:00
- i have yet to see an understandable reason why. I don't think there's a simple answer to this, ev ...2010.04.28 22:24:00

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