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- Tech 3 prototype Covert Ops CloakWouldn't it be Tech 2.5 since it is literally strapped to the ship? ...2011.02.28 20:29:00
- That is an expensive fit to lose...and you WILL lose it because you have no buffer. You can't activ ...2011.01.26 17:04:00
- - I hope my cleavage isn't showing too much ...2011.01.22 04:36:00
- Mark my words, we'll have 13 million subs when Incarna becomes operational, MARK MY WORDS O YE OF LI ...2011.01.11 08:19:00
- Edited by: Spenz on 31/12/2010 19:53:45 I’m not sure why you all are so vehemently anti-Facebook—as ...2010.12.31 19:52:00
- Edited by: Spenz on 25/05/2009 23:50:54I agree with the rant. The new graphics seem like almost an ...2009.05.25 23:48:00
- And we all know the best name is 'Naglrofl'.I prefer Naglmao tbh.What about Naglolfar? ...2009.05.20 08:18:00
- Edited by: Spenz on 13/05/2009 19:45:20So many "wrong" pronunciations in this thread it is mind-bogg ...2009.05.13 19:44:00
- Sleepers have no loot table. They drop a fixed number of 'tags' in place of bounties.To get useful s ...2009.04.18 21:07:00
- 1. Blasters2. Projectiles (especially large artillery)3. T2 close-range ammo (absolute waste of spac ...2009.04.18 21:00:00
- Edited by: Spenz on 18/04/2009 17:47:26 The three that I like and that are very popular:Clear Skies ...2009.04.18 17:47:00
- Edited by: Spenz on 18/04/2009 17:35:13 There's nothing but slight variations on the colors brown a ...2009.04.18 17:35:00
- I actually like the newer effects over the old ones. I guess it is true though based upon some of th ...2009.04.11 19:14:00
- I'm not unhappy, but...Needs more cloth, less tights.What about more of both? Last thing we need is ...2009.04.04 22:28:00
- I thought the whole point of the improved Sleeper AI was to make PvE more like PvP. Doesn't this pr ...2009.03.22 21:04:00

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